Moon Beach & Lounge is celebrating 2nd year.

Moon Beach & Lounge owned by Erkan Ünal & Ali Ünal who have served the entertainment business for years now; is having a breakthrough start to its second year.

The most popular location for the summer!

Summer has already arrived to last season’s most popular location, Moon Beach. Moon Beach has started to facilitate on the beach of Highlight Hotel in Bodrum Yalıkavak last summer and started this summer as ostentatious as last year. Moon Beach will be a desired location again with the renewed menu choices and decoration.

Traditional cuisine and selection of sea food waits for you.

A special menu of local cuisine is prepared for lunch and afternoon menu at Moon Beach. The most delicious samples of traditional cuisine are served throughout the day and the dinner menu is an Aegean at Moon Beach. The evening menu served at the pier is a delicious parade. A real time Bodrum breakfast is waiting for those who want to enjoy breakfast in a long time.

Custom designs add pleasure to your holiday.

Exceptional customer satisfaction is at the forefront Moon Beach, the day is designed for full enjoyment freaks. Italian chairs, private lodges, hammocks and enjoy the corners adds value to Moon Beach vacation.

Best beach parties from the master of entertainment...

The afternoon Moon Beach Parties will be a blast this summer; where Bodrum meets entertainment and the delight of sea side becomes a pleasure with special cocktails.


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Phone         +90 252 387 73 80
Fax              +90 252 387 73 77
Adress         Dirmil Mahallesi
                    Şendoğan Caddesi 43/2
                    Yalıkavak Gökçebel
                    Bodrum / Muğla
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